A Simpler Approach To Healthy HOA Reserves.

HealthyReserves is an easy-to-use, Microsoft Excel™ based application for analyzing the health of your association's reserves.

A Reserve Planning Tool for Property Managers

As a property manager for HOA communities, you're well aware of the financial responsibility your clients have for common area expenses such as roofs, roads, decks and other big-ticket items. Without proper insight into the health of their reserves, the exposure to unplanned assessments is substantial. It’s no wonder that concerns over underfunded reserves is one of the biggest challenges facing HOA managed communities today.

That’s where we come in. HealthyReserves was developed specifically for property managers to help assist their HOA boards in taking a more proactive, hands-on approach to reserve planning. We’ve simplified the process of creating a detailed, actionable long-term reserve plan giving you the visibility you need to ensure your HOA's reserves are healthy and surprise free.

Every HOA needs a reserve strategy. Create yours with HealthyReserves.

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The problem we set out to solve

HealthyReserves was born out of a need for better visibility into the adequacy of one community’s Reserve Fund.

Even though the community was relatively new, we understood the impact aging buildings and infrastructure can have on an HOA’s Reserve Fund. A major re-roofing or paving project that might be 15 years in the future needs to be financially accounted for today!

Using reserve industry guidelines and Microsoft Excel™ as our underlying platform, we developed a powerful, yet easy to use application that will allow any sized HOA to quickly get a more accurate picture of the health of their vital Reserve Fund.

Eliminating unwelcome assessments and unhappy homeowners is a wonderful thing. With better financial visibility comes better planning and fewer surprises. This, in a nutshell, is the problem that HealthyReserves helps solve.

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How it works

A simple three-step process and you're on the way to healthier reserves

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Key features & benefits

Ensure Reserve Adequacy

Our Reserve Fund Health Score lets you know at all times were your reserve fund stands and what financial actions need to be taken to strengthen it if necessary.

Increased Property Value

Studies have shown that a properly funded reserve fund shows the HOA’s commitment to maintaining the long-term value of the community and the homeowners that live there.

Detect Problems Early

Eliminate unwelcome assessments and unhappy homeowners by seeing red flags events well in advance so you can take action before funding shortfalls get out of hand.

Robust "What If" Modeling

Model various funding scenarios using either a per unit monthly contribution model or a combination of the monthly contribution model with timed special assessments.

Minimum Learning Curve

We built HealthyReserves as a highly automated Microsoft Excel™ application with a focus on ease of use. With a moderate level of Excel experience, you will be off and running in no time.

One-Time License Fee

We know from experience that there might be additional users that need access to the HealthyReserves. Our one-time license fee allows others within your HOA to use it as well.

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Easy to use HOA reserve fund analysis




Ideal for ....
HOAs with up to 375 common expense items.

HealthyReserves XL


Ideal for ....
Larger HOAs with up to 750 common expense items.

Pricing is based on the number of unique HOA's that you wish to use the application for. One copy is required per unique HOA.

The application may be distributed to other users at no cost provided those users are also part of the HOA that the license was purchased for.

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HealthyReserves requires MS Excel™ Desktop Version 2013 or above.

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